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Front End Developer-Sydney CBD NSW,Australia

Front End Developer-Sydney CBD NSW,Australia

Nov 08,2016

Job description

Front End/Javascript wizard wanted for a perm role with a leading music related company in the CBD

The front-end developer will be working in a tightly-knit, fast moving agile development team of both front and backend developers, designers, business analysts and database engineers.

This role requires someone with both curiosity about and passion for modern web development techniques and best practices, not simply a 9-5 person, but someone with genuine passion and interest

The team you would join are building a public facing, big-data product with a rich UI component dealing with very interesting problems in a particular industry. User accounts, authentication and digesting API's are key.

A practical ability to think two steps ahead and identify best practice with the finished product in mind will be a valuable asset.


You will need

Knowledge of modern JavaScript; ES6+. A command of HTML5 stack as a platform in its own right.
Modern Javascript stack, especially single-page application frameworks. They use Vue.js but React, Angular, Knockout, Mithril and Ember experience are also desirable.
Knowledge of JavaScript build, packaging and delivery tools. NPM, webpack, bower, grunt, etc.
Experience using cross-framework modern JavaScript via modern MVC frameworks.
Knowledge of HTML5, and modern CSS best practices.
Experience writing test-driven code. Unit, integration, functional and automated browser testing.
Ability to work from a JSON API as the source of all data.
Knowledge of Unix command-line, ssh, security best practices, and some Unix admin.
Experience using version control software, especially git.
Working in an agile workflow environment using collaboration tools; Confluence, JIRA & Bitbucket.

Also great if...

Publically available code samples, especially in the context of collaborating on Open Source software. A github/bitbucket repo is ideal.
Experience working in a data-driven product environment. Have you worked in a SaaS, integration or API environment? Have you coded against a public API or implemented a client/processor for a specific data format?
Passion for technology, and desire to keep up with the latest advances. Do you have any pet projects, frameworks, languages or tools that you're passionate about?
Experience dealing with environments reliant on user accounts and authentication.
Experience in PostgreSQL (the source of our data) to assist in verification.
If this is sounding like you then please apply below for review or contact Daniel Boyle on 02 8088 1810

For further details, Please contact Click Here

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