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Financial Industry Business Director-Hong Kong

Financial Industry Business Director-Hong Kong

Nov 10,2016

Job description

Roles & Responsiblity

1 See through and analyze the trends and dynamic stauts of a particular industry?
2 Based on the industry features and Huawei industry solutions to formulate Huawei industrial business solutions which is in line with the industry development trends?
3 To support the exploring of industry business and the development of extensive business solutions ability?
4 See through the features of industry business model and deeply understand the requirements from customers/partners for industry solutions ;
5 Output competitive extensive industry business solutions in view of the pain points, characteristics and project transaction requirements of strategic customers?
6 Be responsible for the overall program designs and negotiations of major projects.



1 More than 10 years experience in finance or government industry?
2 Familiar with the business transactions solutions in finance or government industry, and have successful experience of the overall program designs and negotiations of large-scale projects; 
3 With global perspective, and applicant with practical experience of dealing with overseas projects are preferred?
4 Clear mind, independent thinking, excellent communication & coordination and strong driving force are required?
5 Good command of English, accept domestic and overseas business travel. Business travel time: 1/3 of the time in Shenzhen headquarters, 2/3 of the time on business travel which depends on the needs of projectcs.

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