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Embedded Software Engineer- Toronto, Canada

Embedded Software Engineer- Toronto, Canada

Nov 08,2016

Job Description

Embedded Software Engineer

Job Description:

We're looking for an experienced embedded software engineer to join our development team. You will be working on a small software team to produce code for an entirely new robotic product. You will start by developing code on a vendor provided development kit. Together, we will transition from the development kit to a custom PCB.



Design, develop, and test embedded software (firmware)
Interact frequently with the team
Report frequently on progress against key project deliverables


Minimum qualifications

Bachelors degree in computer science, computer engineering, or electrical engineering
3 years experience with embedded C (C++ preferred)
2 years experience with embedded ARM micro-processors
Experience writing device drivers
Experience writing or configuring a scheduler in a multi-task embedded system
Experience writing or editing Makefiles, shell scripts, or equivalent
Experience reading datasheets and schematics
Experience with GIT or SVN


Preferred qualifications

Experience with FreeRTOS
Experience with ARM Cortex-M micro-processors
Experience debugging code on embedded systems with OpenOCD and GDB
Experience with object oriented programming methodologies

Company Description:

bObsweep creates compact, powerhouse cleaning solutions with their family of automatic robotic vacuum cleaners. Our first product, Bob Standard, revolutionized the industry with its 1000 mL dustbin and deep cleaning specs. Our trend setting bObi line of robotic vacuums features innovative design, radio frequency technology, touch screen buttons, and advanced sensors. Across the board,at bObsweep we deliver high quality, environmentally conscious products that ease the strain of our everyday lives. bObsweep specializes in Robotics, Machine-Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We gather exceptional talents to push the boundaries of possibility forward. It is our cutting edge technology that distinguishes our products and services from that of yesterday.

Required experience:

ARM: 2 years
Software Engineering: 2 years
C++: 4 years
RTOS: 2 years

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