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Electrical Engineer, Seismic Sensors - Canada

Electrical Engineer, Seismic Sensors - Canada

Sep 13,2017


The primary function of this role is to design the following:

sensor electronics and transducer components,

complete seismic sensors,

sensor arrays, and

data processing and analysis techniques.

Design will be done by:

researching and innovating new technologies and applications,

designing circuit cards and instrument systems,

simulating performance and optimizing design parameters,

analyzing data to understand all factors contributing to actual performance,

testing, debugging and re-optimizing new designs,

documenting all work and sharing relevant results, and

releasing and supporting designs in manufacturing and customer use.

Other responsibilities include:

Using mathematical software (Matlab, Python, etc.) and write custom code as needed for simulation, optimization, data processing and analysis work described above

Publishing research papers and application notes to educate the seismic community about relevant results of your work

Learning and applying knowledge from other disciplines as needed for new tasks, such as mechanics, geophysics, etc.

Supporting internal and external customers of the Sensor Group by:

advising our Sales, Marketing, and Seismology groups regarding the use of sensor products and related software

analyzing data from customer deployments and manufacturing test;  provide feedback to resolve issues

updating designs for better manufacturability and usability

Supporting team and company objectives by:

understanding product requirements and use cases

planning and scheduling your own work, co-ordinating with others as needed

participating actively and constructively in discussions for brainstorming, design review, planning, technology strategy, etc.

understanding and advancing company processes, policies, and initiatives


Masters of Electrical Engineering or Engineering Physics degree, preferably with knowledge of

Analog electronics

Design simulation

Signal processing theory and software (Matlab, Python, etc.)

Experimental science, involving measurement and analysis of real-world data

5-10 years work experience, preferably including:

Leadership experience, whether technical design leadership, independent project responsibility or group leadership

Scientific research and publication

Education or experience in other fields relevant to seismic sensor design, such as mechanical engineering, physics, or geophysics

Cross-functional experience within a design role, such as manufacturing support, customer support, project planning, etc.

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