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Jun 23,2017

Your new job

as a senior electrical engineer has a key role in the development of new products for use in airport projects and logistics projects. As a development engineer, you develop turnkey products used as modules in customer projects. 
You are involved in the entire development process - from the initial idea generation to design, test and documentation of the finished product. 

Your tasks will include:

Participate in generating ideas in the development of new product concepts. You will contribute ideas and be involved in all areas: electricity, mechanics and software
Identify emerging technologies and spot new opportunities
Develop control panels for new products, including performing calculations that support component selection
Be responsible for the applicable electrical codes and standards are respected in the development of new products
Tegne eldiagrammer i EPLAN
Participate in internal testing of prototypes
Participate in in-house handover of new tested and approved products

Your skills

You have a technical background, for example, electrical engineer, engineer or similar. And min. 3 years experience in a similar position. You speak and write English and Danish at a high level.

You have technical "go-to" curiosity and willingness to learn new
You are passionate about delivering high quality - you are detail oriented and thorough
You work independently and take pride in being on top of things
You communicate effectively and find it easy to collaborate with others
You are sturdy and durable - good to stay focused on the long term goal
You are service minded and have business knowledge

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