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Education Manager - Melbourne, Australia

Education Manager - Melbourne, Australia

May 25,2017

The Role

Reporting to the Operations Manager, your primary objective will be to develop, implement and evaluate a national education strategy. You will also manage the education and training portfolios of the Foundation and identify areas for expansion and growth.


To achieve this you will:

Identify, develop and implement effective and sustainable education and training initiatives
Evaluate effectiveness of new education and training initiatives against the Education Strategy through data analysis
Monitor advances across primary, acute and community health sector to identify opportunities to increase the profile of incontinence in Australia
Establish and maintain relationships with health professional/continence professional groups to gather multidisciplinary information for input into education and training activities
Liaise with lobby professional groups to ensure continence education is incorporated into their programs and events


Skills Required

To be considered for this position, you must have experience in developing and implementing successful education initiatives and projects together with a strong knowledge of academic and vocational education training requirements through your high level of evaluation, analytical and writing capability.

As a strategic thinker with sound business acumen you are someone who can think outside the box and manage multiple projects and priorities whilst meeting strict deadlines. Together with your strong leadership and management skills you will also be able to effectively build and foster relationships with key industry bodies and stakeholders.

Experience managing state, territory or federal government projects in addition to e-learning projects is highly desirable.

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