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Desktop Solutions Engineer - Sydney NSW, Australia

Desktop Solutions Engineer - Sydney NSW, Australia

Jun 01,2017

In this role you will be working within the Australian based team supporting the APAC Desktop Infrastructure across 20+ countries in the APAC region environment for APAC as well as resolving issues across the business and cascading global deployments as needed. Amongst other talents you will be a Configuration Manager whizz with an ability to communicate effectively at all levels and have a dedication to customer service.


Responsibilities will include:


• Ensure the health and uptime of the SSCM environment for APAC 
• Assist in meeting compliance requirements across the desktop environment 
• Work with other regional and local teams across the business to drive strategy and ensure roadmap objectives are met efficiently 
• Ensuring support of the desktop architecture is provided effectively for business support hours 
• Carry out BAU infrastructure support activities and project based work where required. On occasion due to the nature of work in Technology this may involve after hours work. 

What we are looking for in you:


• An organised approach to work with an ability to prioritise 
• Previous experience running IT related projects 
• Solid Understanding of Desktop / Application Architecture and technologies including but not limited to: 
o Configuration Manager – Latest version preferred 
o Desktop Operating Systems (Win7 / 8 / 10) 
o Hardware Vendors (MS / HP / Lenovo / Canon) 
o Scripting : Powershell / VBScript 
• Demonstrate a good understanding of troubleshooting client/server/profiles and networked environments. 
• Demonstrate ability to work unsupervised and can ‘think on your feet’ especially around troubleshooting 
• Excellent communication skills, flexibility, team focus and dedication to customer service. 
• Ability and desire to coach others as a subject matter expert in desktop engineering 
• Good understanding of assessing business needs and customer focus beyond the technical/technology aspects.

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