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Core Software Engineer-Toronto-Canada

Core Software Engineer-Toronto-Canada

Jan 06,2017


All of our engineers are involved in every part of the product life cycle, from idea stage, prototyping, execution to shipping. In this role, you’re at the core of the software. Everything passes through you. We ingest millions of unstructured parallel bilingual and monolingual data — from electronic medical records, social media, to clinical textbooks and journals. We use algorithms and knowledge models to transform this data into meaningful insight for our customers. Our 900+ expert community helps us classify and train machine learning models. The results of this pipeline are delivered to customers in the form of new line-of-business applications for visualization and actionable reports. This entire pipeline will be monitored, enhanced, and managed by our core engineering team. You will be part of this team.


Own the technical aspects of a feature or a product, from describing its core value to the customer, fleshing out its technical specifications, to integration with the data science pipeline
Develop, iterate, and improve any of the product and pipeline as needed
Bring agile development expertise to the core engineering team by contributing to release planning, sprint planning, and product backlog grooming

What We Look for:

You’re a strong coder — you can produce clean, effective code regardless of which language you use
You enjoy working with others and getting to know your team members personally — where work is not conducted in a vacuum but where everyone contributes.
You’re comfortable in a fast-paced, startup environment, where much of the burden rests on the ability to prioritize what is most important for the product to succeed
You care about not only the success of the product, but also the impact of developing breakthrough technology for the open-source community
You want to work on things that make an impact in the world

Technologies We Use:

Ruby for backend, Python for data science
Internal frameworks (Node.js) for rapid prototyping and iteration
Platform and Frameworks: Rails, Node.js (Koa or Express), React (Flux, Redux)
Queue systems including Kafka and RabbitMQ

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