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Career Opportunities: Software Engineer-Gothenburg-Sweden-Europe

Career Opportunities: Software Engineer-Gothenburg-Sweden-Europe

Jan 31,2017

We are EA
We entertain millions of people across the globe with the most amazing and immersive interactive software in the industry. But making games is hard work. That’s why we employ the most creative, passionate people in the industry.
The Challenge Ahead
We are looking for someone passionate about the fun in games and looking to build their long term career in the gameplay domain. If you have a bit of a designer or creative spark in you and are enthusiastic about the gamer experience, we would love to talk to you. At Ghost Games, Gameplay engineers work very closely day-to-day with designers, product owners, project managers and other engineers to bring the game vision to live within fairly strict project timelines. Since they deal with the “fun” which is not often known from the start of development, they have to be comfortable with evolving design requirements as the game comes together from pre-production toward ship. Ability to come up with creative solutions to feel out the fun early so that we can adjust, iterate and invest in the right solutions is highly valued. Having said that, the engineering team at Ghost is quite senior, we strive to meet the goals of the current games while maintaining and improving the code quality; we strive to design core components that live beyond the lifetime of one game. Whenever we complete a feature for shipping, it needs to adhere to high bar of coding standards.
What a Gameplay Engineer does at EA:
Collaborate with designers and content creators to brainstorm solutions that further the game’s artistic and design vision.
Design, author, maintain and refactor game systems that meet all design, technical and schedule requirements.
Work closely with QA and technical leadership to ensure the stability and accuracy of game systems by identifying, communicating and resolving defects.
Implement complex gameplay systems through consultation and coordination with other software engineers, game designers, visual artists and audio engineers.
Lead and participate in design and code reviews.
Mentor junior engineers.
The next great Gameplay Engineer also needs:
Required Technical Skills and Experience
Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent training and professional experience.
Proficiency with C++  and experience in object-oriented design and implementation.
Experience architecting and implementing gameplay-related systems, such as: A.I., character control, path finding, multiplayer, etc.
Demonstrated knowledge of good software programming practices.
Additional Skills:
The ideal candidate has shipped at least one video game title; and has a minimum of three years of technical experience in the video game or related industry.
Experience with multiplayer or coop experience is a big plus.
Performance Competencies (Non Technical Skills)
Passionate about the gameplay domain and eager to work in cross-functional groups to bring the gameplay vision to life.
Ability to quickly learn and apply new concepts, principles and solutions.
Demonstrates dependability and commitment to projects/tasks.
Proactive mindset and ”can do attitude”

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