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Android Software Engineer-Toronto-Canada

Android Software Engineer-Toronto-Canada

Jan 06,2017

The Story of Post Beyond

PostBeyond is an Enterprise Employee Communications platform and we’re on a rapid growth trajectory to expand our Global SaaS business. This is an amazing opportunity to work within and across highly skilled teams and be at the center of this emerging global market. With a recent influx of $4.75 million to accelerate our expansion, joining us now means you’ll get to put your mark all over our marketing strategy, company culture and global brand.
PostBeyond’s platform enables employees and partners to post approved brand content to their personal networks via social media in an efficient, consistent and measurable way. Companies like Starbucks, Scotiabank and Randstad use PostBeyond for employee advocacy. What makes what we do at PostBeyond inspiring is the positive impact we have on employee performance, employee satisfaction and company transparency while directly increasing the reach of the company’s brand.

Who we need and the impact you will make

Our platform has two main applications, one for managers and one for employees. With an Android app sitting in the store, we need someone who can up the ante and work on redesigning and supporting this app that is vital to our ongoing success. As the only dedicated resource, this is a role for someone to own and drive the UI/UX and integrations of our Android app.

The Engineering Team at PostBeyond is responsible for our Advocacy platform that delivers a personalized content engine for groups of advocates. We need a creative Senior Android Software Engineer who lives and dreams in Android day and night. From Reddit groups to research on what Google is doing that’s different to side projects developing Android apps, you stay up-to-date on all of the latest technologies and methodologies to be on top of the Android development game (no pun intended).

You have strong design skills with a desire to build innovative and exciting mobile applications for a SaaS company that is on the cusp of their next growth milestone, one that is already working with big name clients.

PostBeyond sells into companies with a thousands of employees - that’s how big the potential user base is for the application and features you build. This is a hands-on opportunity to change an industry and improve the way millions of people interact with our platform, their company and each other.

Our new Android Software Engineer will:

(Re)Design the flow of the Android application
Update the UI/UX elements of the application using the most current trends in Android design.
Prototype new and redesign features as well as refactor existing source code.
Build modular well organized Android application with MVC / MVP / MVVM principle.
Take initiative to improve the end-user experience. From new design tools to mapping out a more engaging interface.
Learn. You will quickly come up to speed on our platform and as part of our ongoing growth, you will learn how to transition to microservices.

Our new Android Software Engineer has:

The education. You have a BSc or MSc degree in Computer Science or a related technical field.
The experience. You have 5 or more years as a Developer with at least 3 years as an Android Software Engineer on network-based applications. End-to-end application development lifecycle and experience with reactive programming (RX).
The passion. You are engaged in continuous learning and research to understand what the latest, greatest and not so great, trends and tools are. From what Google is making available to the latest in advanced layout building using code.
The technical skills. You have expertise with object-oriented programming using Java and related frameworks, Android SDK, RXJava / RXAndroid, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
The knowledge. You have an understanding of large and complex code bases, including API design techniques to help keep them clean and maintainable; Multi-Threading and memory management specific to mobile devices and an understanding of caching mechanisms
The flexibility and the agility. You are comfortable with ambiguity. You work rapidly and you are not fixated on tasks or roles but the product as a whole.
The right approach. You approach your work in a focused and engaged way, as an owner, not a consultant. You don’t believe in shortcuts or band-aid solutions, you are always thinking ambitiously and in terms of scaling.
The innovation. You believe in putting in the extra effort and research to come up with the best, long term and innovative solution. You believe in bringing the future to your everyday work.

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