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Win an Interview by Using Keywords

Win an Interview by Using Keywords

Mar 14,2016

Realize how to spotlight the words and phrases often related with your work experience and skills.

Everybody speak about keywords nowadays when the subject of Job Hunting comes up. They are vital for a recruiter to find your capabilities. If you don’t utilize them, you're not catching the recruiter eye that you’re the right candidate to fill the position.


Consider industry Talk: When you're writing a cover letter, resume or LinkedIn profile, you require to use jargon from your field .This is especially a tip if you're willing to be noticed by recruiters or employers on social networking sites like LinkedIn profile. Explaining acronyms and performing your representations by a person unknown with your line of work will let you to double-check yourself. The sample terms below are not minute, but give an idea of what kind of keywords are used in the communications industry.

Sample keywords for communications professionals are: strategic communications, media relations, crisis communications, public relations, public speaking and writing.


Extract them with ease: If you're still doubtful whether you can pick keywords successfully on your own, there are some tools which can find keywords in your document. Word clouds highlights the most often   used words in a document in larger font and those that are found fewer times in smaller font. Try wordtracker.com or wordclouds.com and check how it works.

The ultimate thing to mind about keywords is to use them smartly. If you plaster a few keywords in your CV, just to get them on there, thinking it will get you by an applicant tracking system. To use them effectively come up with particular samples of your work experience that underline the main keywords and aspects in a job notification. Show that you have the best skills by describing the particular, related work you have done, and apply the precise word or phrase employers are searching for. Express to the recruiter that you're the correct person for the job.



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