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What are The Reasons for Not Getting a Right Job?

What are The Reasons for Not Getting a Right Job?

Sep 04,2014

A right kind of job may not come across your way due to several reasons. It is at this point that one should introspect to find out where things went wrong. There could be several factors that could push your prospects into one corner. Dig into the information below to know the reasons…


Unprofessional CV: One’s chances of being selected in an interview are strengthened by the way the resume is prepared. Employers go through huge number of profiles on daily basis and come to a decision whether the candidates profile has to be pushed forward or left behind by glancing at the resume. So, it is important to consider whether the resume is updated or not, whether the points that grab the attention of the recruiter are highlighted or not and similar such factors.


Limited Job Search: Candidates who restrict their job search to job portals and newspapers are suggested to mend their way of thought. They are advised to establish trustworthy contacts through social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Their unwillingness to use social media might result in not finding an appropriate job.


Unprofessional Approach: There are several ways by which unprofessionalism of an individual can be revealed. Some of these include improper dressing, using bad notes, left a bad impression at previous company, considered job offers from various prospective companies and finally chose only one without informing the others, not responded to the emails or calls of others after joining a company.


In this regard, candidates are suggested to maintain healthy relation with their employers, colleagues as well as with prospective employers. If the candidate has decided to join a company, he or she is suggested to inform the same to the other employers in a polite way and maintain future contacts with them.


Lack of Relevant Experience: Employers in the market generally prefer to hire experienced professionals as that would cost them less in terms of investment .They are hesitant to hire fresher’s as it would consume their time in training them and making them aware of the business of the company . So, the candidates are suggested to gain some experience working for few months during vacations.


It takes time and effort to secure a right job. Job seekers are suggested to analyze one’s shortcomings and work accordingly to face the future in a positive way.


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