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Top Seven Reasons Why People Love their Jobs!

Top Seven Reasons Why People Love their Jobs!

Sep 25,2014

“That’s when I first learned that it wasn’t enough to just do your job, you had to have an interest in it, even a passion for it.” ? Charles Bukowski

Right from the word work came to existence, several studies including Hawthorne Studies were extensively conducted to find out what exactly makes people love their jobs and to deliver the best.

If earning was the only important task, why would there be so many professions-this question would certainly take the centre stage whenever there’s a debate on what makes people love their jobs. There are various factors why different people opt different professions. Right from passion to the money involved in it, people tend to land in various jobs. 

That doesn’t stop it there, there’s something that will keep him/her progressing in the job, which is predominantly ‘the like factor.’ Let us briefly find out as to what makes people love their jobs.

My Cup of Tea/Job Satisfaction
You would definitely love the job when the work you do is certainly your cup of tea. The moment you enjoy your work, you would eventually start loving your job. This is, otherwise, called as job satisfaction.

People usually love their jobs when the people with who they work share common values and interests. When the people around you don’t share similar values, the person would eventually start disliking his/her job.This was ascertained  after several studies.

Job Morale
Job morale is the sense of being accepted by the team. An employee would certainly love the job he/she does when he/she gets a feeling that he/she’s part of the team, which takes him/her into confidence whenever a major decision with regards to team is rolled out.

Flexibility and Rest Pauses
People tend to love their jobs when there’s flexibility in the job. This would typically refer to their work timings and rest pauses. Hawthorne Studies, in fact, stressed on the significance of rest pauses. People without rest pauses showed reduced output compared to employees with five minute rest pause after every two hours.

The recognition to one’s work and the right reinforcement will definitely boost the interest of any employee, which can be a key factor in loving a job.

Set Goals
You would definitely love your job when you set goals and work towards achieving them. It would give a competitive atmosphere and would present you as a complete professional.

Company’s Mission and Vision
Several researchers time and again mentioned that people love their jobs when the company they work for has mission and vision that align with their ideas and ideologies. A software engineer would definitely love to work in an IT firm that has target to reach number one position in the domain.

Most number of people who are said to be consistent in a company are the ones who are believe that the company gives right incentives periodically.

Creativity and Independence
People usually love their jobs when they are given required room for creativity and independence. Not to forget that companies who made difference in the market always hired those who loved their jobs.

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