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Steps to get jobs abroad, it’s just like you snap your fingers

Steps to get jobs abroad, it’s just like you snap your fingers

Sep 13,2016

Prioritize the change that’s most important to you

Most abroad job seekers want to change their industry or work function as well as their location. Be prepared to stay in your old industry or function until you’ve stabled yourself in your country. You are much more likely to get visa sponsorship if you have good grip on the industry or role you’re applying.

Start your job-search early

Beating the odds means initiating your job hunt as soon as possible so you’ve got time to get in front of the right employer.

LinkedIn profile lay out about your professional experiences simply and clearly, highlighting key skills. So, job seekers are more exposed to the recruiting team that is hunting down the perfect match for their company.

Target less competitive cities

Job seekers often are ambitions not just to secure a job in a particular country but in a particular city. Well-known countries like Canada, Australia or US for which have a highly competitive job market. You will be competing among the best people from that country, as well as international talent.

Target small and medium-sized companies

Although smaller companies will only hire and sponsor one international student a year—it could be you if you have the skill set they’re looking for.


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