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Result oriented workforce from Overseas Employees and Employer’s

Result oriented workforce from Overseas Employees and Employer’s

Jan 02,2016

Simple Formula to understand more : Right directions towards employees + employer’s efficient work  = Overseas employer’s productivity.

For every overseas organization, employees are the main asset for its productivity. Every Individual organization’s productivity depends on, its Employees and employer’s efficient work, which will give the productivity to stand in the current market. Experts believe that there should be a healthy workplace and strong bond between employers and employee’s to build up individual self esteem and to reach the employer’s objectives. Which will benefit employer’s to stand as successive position in the current competitive business market.


Deloitte Malaysia’s Global Employer Services leader, Ang Weina declared that, the efforts and support should be from both sides, from an employee’s side with result oriented work delivery and from the employers’ side need to share the right directions towards employees. It will help in building an individual self esteem with an organizational growth. 


Ang Shared her opinion with the Borneo Post through an email interview that, for an overseas employer’s who wish to work remotely, especially for the leaders who are steadfast and traditional in their work styles. Even though it is quite difficult to guide, overseas employers want their employees to clock in and out of their fixed working hours for their organizational growth. Well, these new working styles will be an added value to build a healthy bond between overseas employers and employees, to enhance employee engagement and its productivity.


Before this new working style by the overseas employer’s, it must be started with trust and accountability. As she also highlighted that leaders should also commit to a constant process of change.


Moreover, the capital investments will enhance the technology, infrastructure and equipment, but often such capital investments will need to compete amongst other priorities within the organization. With this new style, overseas employees can do some of their work remotely, such as waiting for appointments or communicating with their assigned clients, working for overtime and all. For remotely working people, they may go though the various new structured approach in updating their workforce to their employers like attending the efficient meetings and task tracking of employee workforce remotely, will allow for attending shorter meetings and less emails on the progress on the project are few of the new ways of working.


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