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Reasons For Not Getting Promotion

Reasons For Not Getting Promotion

Jan 27,2016

Clear picture about your career, and appropriate in your present career? Think you're ready for a promotion but …confused that why no one has offered promotion to you? There are fair things you're doing (or not doing) every week that have adverse impact on your personal brand. The following are the three common difficulties.


1. The usual reducing day: if you are a permanent employee, and every day your employer is compensating you to work at least 8 hours per day. Departments and companies, even when they don’t have legal working hours have normal time when the most dynamic employees begin and end their days.  If you want to consider as someone who is more ready, you need to perform like a best employees and managers that are above you.


A morning looks like for a high achiever : she arrives 15 to 20 minutes before the team get starts , as she is already in to the office before the time to get coffee, rush to the washroom and she get settle before her boss or colleagues are ready to get moving. .


At lunch time, make sure that you’re ready to work within 30 minutes or an hour, depending on your schedule. An hour lunch along with 10 minutes of getting back to your desk is actually an hour-and-10-minute lunch.

According to the law an eight-hour workday does not consider your lunch. So if you started at 9 a.m. and take an hour for lunch, then at a minimum, and you should work until its 6 p.m. if you have two 10-minute breaks to use during the day, but anything beyond that is not considered "on the clock."


In brief, work efficiently and effectively at least for 8 hours per day


2. Flexible wear: All the managers are similar with the issue of the ever relaxing image expected new hires mostly look great when they interview – with well pressed clothes, near hair style, and accessories thoughtfully handled before leaving the house. Fast forward after few months, you will find those same employees looking like they rolled out of bed, where they must have been sleeping on the more casual clothes they chose to wear to work. Furthermore, these employees often forgo any effort to look polished.


Like it or not, image matters at work. You are compensated to maintain a certain appearance at work and it should at or above your company standards.


Before you walking out the door in the morning, question yourself: "Does my appearance command respect?" If the answer is "no," you need to address the issue ASAP.


3. No sense of seriousness:  As the appearance relaxes it effects the excitement at work place as dim. High performing employees have a huge sense of urgency. The great way to build a case for your promotion is to show how efficient and effective when you are at work place, and you should able to complete you task with in short span of time in a dynamic way than less experienced peers.  If you are not developing your rate or your results or both, you should question why. Your manager is likely asking that same question.


Check for understanding.


Some people are gifted adequate to know what is required with basic guidance. You may not be one of those people. (Most of us are not those people.) Take a notepad with you into every meeting, and write down what is being asked of you. Ask the same questions to make sure you thoroughly understand the task at hand and the related timeline.


Do not leave a communication without clarity on what was said and what are the next steps. Speak up if you're confused, have adverse preferences or both. It is always better to stop and check before taking off in   confusion. Confusion never ends well and always takes longer. Both are terrible outcomes at work.


Career success requires awareness of how you are noticed. Make sure that you know what people expecting from you, and regularly ask how your overall performance and behavior when you are in organizational environment. Your manager has an impression on you, and not hearing it doesn't mean it doesn't exist – it just means you cannot do anything productive with it. Check in regarding your performance. Ask for the tough-to-hear but vital-to-know feedback.


Finally, focus on the areas that you need to be improved, and upgrade your strengths. When you take the time to work on your professional brand, your employer will notice.


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