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Reasons for getting rejected from overseas employers

Reasons for getting rejected from overseas employers

May 11,2016

According to a job portal survey, More than 5,000 respondents find out what employers are seeking for.

Sending dozens of job applications walked into many companies to drop your CV and attended many interviews but could not get even a single job offer.

What could be the possible errors? It may be difficult to get a job these days, but probably candidates may missing out the employers requirements

According to the recent survey from a job portal nearly 5,000 respondents which include employers in the Middle East and UAE and North Africa found the reason why job seekers are facing trouble to get a job offer.

34 percent of participants said that the candidates don’t know what the recruiters are looking for and 22 percent of participants said that the colleges do not actually teach the skills required to enter the job market

More than half (52 percent) are looking forward to fill junior executives with qualified candidates and 30 percent of employers are looking for executives

The Gulf cooperation council (GCC) region, organizations showed that there is a great requirement for senior executives, coordinator and managers, 10 percent of companies looking for Director level positions.


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