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points for Improving Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System Scores

points for Improving Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System Scores

Sep 06,2016

Immigration to Canada

The government of Canada introduced a system called Express Entry to for three popular Canadian immigration programs In January of 2015, the Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC), Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Express Entry candidates must know that increasing their score beyond the eligibility requirements is a key, and that being eligible to enter the pool is another thing than having enough points to obtain an ITA.


Distribution of Points within the CRS

The provincial nominee program (PNP) whether he or she has a job offer in Canada, and whether a Canadian province has issued him or her nomination certificate through one of the categories. The CRS awards points for a candidate’s age, degree of education, language capability in English and/or French, work experience (both in Canada and abroad).

There are a total of 1,200 points available, of that 600 may be awarded for a job offer or provincial nomination. Of the rest half, up to 500 are convenient for human capital factors in their own right, and 100 for skills transferability combinations of those human capital factors.


How to increase the score?

The hint of the system dictates that there are many ways in which a candidate in the pool can increase his or her ranking. For example, improving a language ability from intermediate level to initial advanced—can have excessive positive effects on one’s ranking.


Language - Language is also crucial factor, as it is up to 260 points. Fluent English and/or French speakers may have maximized their point’s potential on entry to the pool.


Work - I would also advise candidates to update their profile with any additional work experience, even if it does not directly improve CRS score.


Couples Increasing Their Chances - it is worth seeing if a candidate’s spouse can attain more points as the principal applicant.


Each of the above sections have touched on the actual improvement to a candidate’s profile may also bring the candidate closer to being eligible to apply to an Express Entry PNP category—and this is actually where the big gains are to be found.


Combinations Are Key

As I have defined above, the skills transferability factors (also known as combinations) are an oft-forgotten or underestimated area for boosting a CRS ranking. 


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