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New job search? Get invisible from current employers on LinkedIn!

New job search? Get invisible from current employers on LinkedIn!

Oct 18,2016

LinkedIn is a good platform for those who want  to promote their job openings as well as people seeking jobs around the globe.

On one side LinkedIn is trying as a helping hand for employers to get a perfect fit, on the other hand, it can also help employees to continuously look for better positions.

LinkedIn has come up with the new feature last week, ‘Open Candidates’ – which allows people to privately look for a new job while still being employed. This feature is only visible to the recruiters who avail premium services (paid).

Research on employers

A new York-based start-up has figured out how employers are seeking better positions, by tracking their foot prints in social media and LinkedIn.

These job seekers have developed their professional connections on LinkedIn with more chances of wanting to shift from the current employer.

CEB, a consulting group, says that 40% of the job market has people who don’t want to be contacted by the recruiters, but 35% are open to get contacted.

Effect of the new feature

Seeing the interest of the employers with more positivity, there is also a sense of confusion in candidates, with the number of recruiters that they are open to. Most of them look for high demand industries which again depend on better pay scales.

This feature will be initially accessible in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. It will open up across more markets later this year.


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