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Move Up The Career Ladder With These Helpful Habits

Move Up The Career Ladder With These Helpful Habits

Dec 30,2014

In this career oriented world of today, it is everyone’s desire to quickly scale to the top of their career with ease. However, as the old adage goes-‘’Success comes the hard way.’’ There is no quick and easy formula to achieve that coveted place in your career. There are some habits which can be incorporated in your life which can help you in your career growth. Enlisted below are 10 of these:-

Set clear and achievable goals for yourself
If you are a workaholic and think that this is the only way to achieve a promotion or move up the ladder, you are mistaken. Although being dedicated to work is good, you should be able to have focus as to where you would like to see yourself a couple of years down the line. Your professional goals should also match with your personal needs which keeps changing from time to time and should be practical in order to avoid frustration in the long run.

Find a mentor
Find a senior person in your profession whom you can look up to for advice and who will guide you in the right path. Such a person has been there in your position once and has gone through the grind so will empathize with you and help you reach your target.

Work on your feedback
Whether positive or negative, ask for feedbacks from your manager and mentor from time to time. Working to improve your weaknesses will stand you in good stead while maintaining and enhancing your positives.

Store copies of your work
Ensure that you have saved copies of your work samples, just in case you are asked to substantiate your claims. After all, in today’s age-‘’Seeing is believing.’’

Be eager to learn
Having an open mindset and willingness to learn new skills to improve yourself in your work is a good habit. Keep yourself updated with the latest in your field of expertise.

Be curious
Being desirous to learn will go a long way in making a good impression on others. Listen to people around you and imbibe information that can be useful later.

Open your ears to what’s going on around you. Don’t let go of opportunities when they present themselves to you.

Go get it
In order to scale ahead of the others around you, be vigilant and grab all the chances that you get to reach to the place of your dreams. Don’t think about what others may feel or say about your move. After all, people in workplaces only put you down.

Grow your connections
Network internally with people from other teams and offices. This will boost your chances in getting to the position where you want to see yourself. However, link with people who help others.

Walk the talk
Always do what you say. People with empty words and no action do not go far in life.

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