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Most Preferable Designations for Health Care Professionals

Most Preferable Designations for Health Care Professionals

Oct 07,2014

The health care sector is booming the industry by offering ample opportunities that paves path for a successful and secure career. Notably, 28% of the new jobs have created by the health care and social assistance industry over the decade, citing the figures revealed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Aging populace, extended longevity, and expanding insurance coverage are some of the factors that drive the demand for health care professionals. Also, the wage levels have increased by 27% over this year. BLS expects that not less than 5.7mn new jobs would be created by 2020 in health care sector.

If you are really interested in this field, the first question that may strike your mind is what jobs are deemed to be the best in health care sector.

Biomedical engineer topped the list of health care jobs, which is a combination of engineering and medical expertise. According to the BLS, the pay packet for this profession is around $87,000. It has to be mentioned here that this field will significantly grow by 62% over the next ten years

Dental hygienist ranks second in health care industry, which is deemed to be the most-in demand profession. Dental hygienists can enjoy their work in comfortable surroundings and have high level of job security. Individuals with just a two-year associate’s degree can become a dental hygienist. Moreover, Dental hygienists will be paid a minimum salary of $70,000. Notably, 38% growth is observed for this field from 2010-2020.

Occupational therapists stood in third, who are required to treat people working in physically demanding jobs like construction. The projected annual income of occupational therapist is $75,000 and a 33% growth is observed in this sector for the given time frame.

Apart from these job categories, physical therapists, pharmacists, physician’s assistant, home health aide are other job categories that are growing rapidly in health care sector.

Physical therapists are required to treat more general injuries. Pharmacists can earn an annual salary of $117,000.

Physician’s assistant will be offered with a median salary of $91,000. These professionals are required to study for two or three years to become licensed instead of pursing greater M.D’s. Notably, 30% growth is expected in this field in the given time frame.

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