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How to Write a CV for a Job in Germany

How to Write a CV for a Job in Germany

Oct 06,2014

German CV writing is not trigonometry for the formulas to go over your head. It’s simple. All you need to look into is- what are the preferences of the respective country and the contents they look upon when you’re applying for a job.

There are many companies which provide German resume writing service. Individuals who look out for jobs in Germany should apply for the Germany visa and Germany work permit. Here’s some advice for all the graduates who seek to work in Germany.

Germany CV writing guide:

Although it’s an old saying that ‘first impression is the best impression,’ it’s applicable when it comes to resumes too. A few seconds of impression that you create on the recruiter will last forever, and that’s it, you would simply brighten your chances of getting the job once you expertise in this art. 

The fact that every individual should keep in mind when they are preparing their CV is, that the reader takes only 30 seconds of time to go through your CV to check if you meet the required qualities for the job. Make sure your CV appears attractive and easy to the eye of the reader.

In recent years certain job like IT had many tasks and skills that needed to be explained in more detail, still it is not necessary to design your CV which extends more than three pages.
Not to forget that design element includes the kind of fond and size you use. Therefore, keep an eagle on the font; ensure that the font and size are uniform. 

Resume format: (writing a German curriculum vitae)

 It is not necessary to add your soft skills in the beginning of your CV for German market.
To apply a job in Germany, your must append the details in the following format:

  • Personal details
  • Education 
  • Work experience 
  • Personal interest, hobbies 
  • Date, place and signature 

These are the steps to maintain the German standards.


Although design hogs the attention at the first go, not to forget how important your content is. A small typo in your resume can have disastrous effects on your career. Therefore, be cautious about the spelling errors, Germans are very particular about the flawless documents. 


You must be aware of UK and US English. If you are a person who adheres to UK English, then you certainly need to focus on this part. Germany recruiters typically follow US English. So, it’s advisable to use right spellings in accordance to language. For instance, colour might look incorrect to Germany recruiters who generally use the word color. To ignore such spelling error you can always approach German CV writing service.

Germany cover letter for applying a job in Germany:

  • The cover letter gives an introduction about you to the recruiter.
  • Recruiters go through resume only if they find the cover letter appealing.
  • Mention how important it for you to bag a job in Germany.
  • If you have no idea as to how to build your resume it always advisable to approach leading resume writing services that can help in preparing your resume.?

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