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How to search overseas jobs through online

 How to search overseas jobs through online

Feb 24,2016

Here the best secrets through online job portals.


Most of the overseas employers recruit the Employees through job portals. So, employers expect established professionals to have an online presence. LinkedIn and Zoom Info are two top sites, where the recruiters, human resource professionals and hiring managers go every day. Professional, who is registered with such job portals, should maintain a strong profile by updating their details frequently.


One of the employment portal said that LinkedIn is now more important than job boards for professional women. The complete LinkedIn profile, which helps recruiter or hiring managers for a nice professional headshot (the same headshot should be used for all social media) and three recommendations.


By maintaining the profiles in various job portals and social media, you can follow the employees at companies you want to work for through Twitter also. If you establish a following of your own, with hundreds or even thousands of followers, you’ll get employers to notice you.


A decade ago the hiring system was quite different and also bit difficult to hunt for the dream job.  The common question arises from the people, why you’re qualified for the job? you need to show them, your work with blogs, articles, portfolios, videos–anything you can use to prove you are the best person for the job.


Instead of simply listing your speaking engagements on your resume, providing links to your YouTube channel where recruiters can watch videos of your presentations or speaking sessions and include links to Slide share, PowerPoint presentations come to life. You can also create a video resume and upload it to YouTube, but make sure it isn’t cheesy or too rehearsed. If blogging isn’t for you, perhaps start an online radio program.


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