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How to Overcome Overseas job Insecurity feel in Employees

How to Overcome Overseas job Insecurity feel in Employees

Nov 14,2015

According to new search on “presenteeism of employees on their workplace”, this states that even though employees are suffering from their health problems, they make themselves to be presentable on their workplace. This is just because of demand for high overseas jobs in the market, work stress and job insecurity feel.


The researchers of University of East Anglia (UEA) in the United Kingdom has found that- the Presenteeism (or employees going to work even when they are sick) is just because of their high job satisfaction, strong sense of commitment towards their organization which will raise their workplace motivation which will lead them to create positive attitude.


In the organizational point of view, few of the reasons for making the employees presenteeism is to follow the strict organizational policies such as, to create job insecurity feel in employees (which makes them to work effectively),  limited paid leave and few absence days are not allowed without the medical certificate. This makes them to maintain disciplinary action, used to monitor or to reduce the staff balance for the organization.

The UEA’s Lead author cum Norwich Business School’s Lecturer Mariella Miraglia has notified that, apart from the medical conditions, presenteeism is also associated with the work and personal factors.


In previous research, it’s declared that the absenteeism may create lower performance in their work, and increase in tiredness may take them into negative perception which will again make them to spoil their health. This will make one’s competency weaken, which is more loss than absenteeism.

Miraglia, who worked with Gary Johns of Concordia University in Canada, told that getting sick while working May affects one’s work progress and may create negative job attitude and makes them to search for alternate jobs by applying for other companies. By involving more than 175,960 participants with 61 previous studies the data has analyzed that the possible negative consequences of being absent make employees to show up their ill or make them back to work even though they are not totally recovered.

Miraglia has developed an analytical model to identify the most significant causes for both the presenteeism and absenteeism by relating the work and the personal characteristics which will find the  actual cause for presenteeism of employees by considering  the ‘health impairments’ or ‘attitudinal/motivational’.


Few key reasons why people won’t take leave, is just because of workload, job demands in the market, understaffing, work pressure, assigning overtime works, along with this few difficulties in finding cover and personal financials makes them to be present in their workplace. 

Confliction between family and work are being exposed to harassment, abuse, and discrimination at work. This was also positively related to presenteeism. Because of these negative experiences facing by employees may exacerbate stress and harm their health. These make them to involve in taking decision for going to work and staying away from it.


Employees who has good supportive work environment with their colleagues and also by maintaining good relationship with their managers, will make them feel good in managing their work and getting satisfy with their jobs as well and also dealing with sick leave issues.


Researchers declared that the employees those who are with positive outlook are more willing to stand in their regular workplace even though they were in health problems and taking much sick leaves. This will lead them to achieve their goodwill in their workplace and also can manage good time with their family.


The study was published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.


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