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How to make your Job search effective

How to make your Job search effective

Oct 12,2015

PR holders main concern is settlement in the overseas country they opted with accommodation and overseas job. This is very extensive task which involves lot of preparation with planning and research.
Here are some most important initiatives which need to be considered while searching for Job:

•    Which city you are landing?
•    Will there be relevant opportunities for your profile in that region?
•    How is the market and hiring situation in that region?
•    What is the expected salary scale for your experience?
•    Will your overseas experience be considered during the interview?
•    Do you need to update your skills as per the present market? 

Being a legal resident you need not worry on employment opportunities as your application will be considered as local application. The important thing here is that you must adapt to the local culture and mannerism as there will be a vast cultural difference between the country you come from to the country you go on PR. 
You need to research on the do’s and don’ts which is very important to be accepted by the locals.
Employment opportunities in Canada or Australia are huge, you need to click the right button to get your resumes picked up. Here are some important points to note while you search for a job.

•    You need to have a proper Resume as per the format required with all the skills and experience you have acquired.

•    It is important to go as per the format as most of the time the resumes will be picked up on job titles. Your resume must be tailor made for you.

•    Daily Research on the opportunities available to post the resume.  

•    Research on the job opportunities and recruitment agencies before you shift or land in that area.  Talking to recruitment agencies will help you to understand the present hiring process.

•    You can check on the website of the company for description on the relevant positions available and salary offered before the interview.

•    Accuracy in presentation has high value, you get picked up by the way you present yourself to the companies. So be very cautious and post only to the relevant jobs with a perfect Resume.

We at Jobsog Consultancy Pvt ltd will help you in making your resume as per the country specified requirement and marketing it to the maximum visibility in the area you need.  Call or mail us for further information.

Good luck!!!!!

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