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How to get efficient & quality output from employee

How to get efficient & quality output from employee

Oct 21,2015

Technology today has a lot to do about longer working hours. Our ability to work from any place using the technology has extended the working hours. If you have to fight against it, you have to work smart and plan smart.

The work allotted to you will look huge and overloaded if you don’t plan the work, and main culprit will be chatting with colleagues.  Your productive depends on work schedule and action plan. This is important for all levels

1.    Systematize process as per latest processing time: You often come across people saying , ‘ that is how it is supposed to be done ‘ , it is not necessary to follow the old rules , if it not effective any longer, they have to be overrules by new procedures which are more productive and effective.

2.    Right skill for right person: It is very important to assess the skills of a person before allotting work to them. Giving options will never work out. 

3.    Meetings: Very rarely the propose of the meeting is achieved , it ends up wasting productive time on non productive talk along with drawing you away from the work schedule. These meeting can be managed by email or phone calls. One to One is more effective.

4.    Healthy and Peaceful atmosphere: Work atmosphere without noise will enable the employee to give quality output. Recent office layout has made it easy for employees to interrupt other staff as cubicles are no longer preferred by employers as they make it hard for the employee to reach out. It is better to maintain ‘do not disturb ‘sign while on serious work schedule.

5.    Work locations: Employers are realizing telesales is much better options to increase productivity. It has been also proved that employees working from home have accomplished more than their colleagues sitting at office locations, this is mainly because of no distraction from other colleagues.  

Using technology has replaced the need of travelling, which is now more effective as it save time and has monetary benefit as well for the company. 

Having many challenges around without enough time to get work done employees are facing disruptions, pressure and frustration in the work environment. It is up to the management to make the required changes and give the right work atmosphere for the employees for quality and productive output. Accessing the skills of employees and giving them the facilities to increase their efficiency will have direct impact on the company growth.


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