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How to Get an International Job Offer

 How to Get an International Job Offer

Nov 06,2015

While seeking international jobs, your preparations are lengthy as you need to consider certain criteria while applying and accepting the position. Attending an interview is as hectic as accepting the offer as you need to consider a long term commitment with the company along with your pre set criteria such us position, budget, industry etc.

It is  a big task to accept an offer when you are given 24 hrs time to confirm it after the interview. This is trend now happening all over the world .Mainly because of shortage of talent and companies do not want to miss the opportunity when they spot a right candidate after having the position vacant for long time.

You will be in a fix whether to accept or rejects and won’t have sufficient time on verification of the company profile. The best ways to deal such situations are:


Getting ready: It is not an easy task to search for a job, you need to be fully prepared to get into action for this fast paced process. You need to search for a job which matches your present job profile, fixing up interview dates and attending them. You need to be careful while short listing the interview as going for 2 -3 interview round when you are not actually eligible for the post does not make sense and waste your time. Matching you present job role or responsibilities is very important before your start off. It differs if you are planning to change the job role.

You need to assess yourself on the strength you have , like , whether you can fit the new profile you have opted . A detailed research on new job role will help you to  prepare and update yourself before you attend the interview. It is important to take input from your friend and source for information and take a decision if you need to really go for the charge or not in the profile .


Research on company : You should research on the company profile before you attend the interview. Knowing about the company since its inception can earn you positive points during the interview , Sometimes  it will also help the employer to take a decision on you when they understand that you have done the ground work. Every employer would want to know as to how much home work have you done about the company you came to attend the interview . Being familiar with the company profile will help you attend the interview more confidently as you anticipate some question on the company profile .

To know more about the company you can go through the social media, read about the company reviews  and  views of the people who work or worked there . Past experience of employees will be of good reference for to take a right decision on joining the company. You need to understand the working atmosphere, hiring process and timelines etc and then only decide if you can fit into their system.  Do be aware that sometime employees are forced to comment on the web sites, you need to take a neutral view on the whole after reviewing the information gathered.


Getting job offer: - congratulate yourself for the effort you have put in to get it , you need also to respect the company which offered the job . You will be offered a job only if you are considered fit for the position you applied, this means the quality of your performance during the interview helped the employer to take a decision on you. Make sure you do not stretch the timeline given to you before you give them your acceptance , delay more than 48 hrs will present you  as not being able to decide or working still on other options , employer may reject  the time to you have asked for to  accept the offer . They may be short of talent but won’t accept negligence. So sometimes need to give a timely answer during your interview itself on acceptance and joining.


As you have already researched on the company and prepared for the interview to join the company  it is suggested that you should not delay the acceptance beyond 72hrs, anything over this timeline is either your right opportunity or not is the fact.

Good luck and happy Job hunting!!!!!


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