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How can social media affect your job

How can social media affect your job

Jun 08,2016

Photos and social media posts with risk themes can backwash your job life.

  • Compile your Face book and Twitter feeds could attract potential employers.
  • Maintain a professional online presence, notably if you want to work on the Web.
  • Don't announce a new job on social media until your new boss says it's ok.


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So it's crucial to keep your virtual self well, efficient.

If you are working abroad you need to have a transparent track 

Have an active LinkedIn profile. If you don’t keep it active, then you will not be usually connecting to your network, and, therefore, might fall out of favor of your constituency.


Clean up your pages
Social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, appear more in search results, so opt for the highest privacy settings on these networks. Also, "remove complaints about your job or boss, any confidential work data, and photos of yourself acting in a way that could be inappropriate.


Maintain a good (online) opinion
If you're nowhere to be found online, employers may question whether you have kept up with the latest trends or are capable for a job that requires minimal digital skills.

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Keep job news offline
Got an offer? Great. But don't announce it on Facebook. People have been fired after posting online regarding their employment spreading your good fortune in person. without the approval of the new boss, experts say. Maintain privacy effects in a positive way for your job.

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