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Habituate to the Culture that suits at Workplace

Habituate to the Culture that suits at Workplace

Jun 27,2016

What It Is and Why It’s Important

Culture is the character and personality of your organization. It's what makes your organization unique and is the sum of its values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes.

Why company culture is important to your success and the happiness of your employees. In fact this is very helpful to overseas employees.

We spend most part of our lives at work, and in our fast-paced world, people are moving around from one job to other job more often, seeking a company that allows them to maximize their potential, achieve a better work-life balance. This is where cultural fit comes into play. But what is cultural fit?


Culture Fit in the Workplace

The scale shows the gradual preference of each of the two personality types – introvert and extravert every human being is a tangled mix of interacting personality traits, all affecting each other.


Why is Culture Fit Important?

Those in ‘congruent’ jobs which paired their personality reported feeling more competent. In other words, positive cultural fit can develop our self-esteem and make us feel more able of carrying out our work to the best of our capability.

Good cultural fit is associated with many more positive results too.

· Had greater job satisfaction

· Identified more with their company

· Were more likely to stay with their organization

· Were more committed

· Showed supreme job performance

“A fit is where there is congruence between the norms and values of the organization and those of the person.” 


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