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Guide to Working in Germany

Guide to Working in Germany

Nov 14,2014

If you are zeroing in on working in Germany, you are making an excellent choice. Among the leading Schengen countries, a career in Germany can improve your lifestyle drastically.

Apply for Germany jobseekers visa
If you are a member of an EU nation, you can easily gain entry into Germany. No special permit or visa is required in such instances. However, before applying for a residence permit, you would need a jobseekers visa to kick-start your career in Germany. All non-EU nationals need to register your local address in Germany. If you are applying for a residence permit from Germany, it usually takes six weeks to process it. If you apply from abroad, the duration would be somewhere around 12 weeks.

For this, you need to have proofs like valid passport, bank statement indicating sufficient funds to support yourself and health insurance evidence. If your family also wants to stay with you, which includes your spouse or dependent child below the age of 18 years, they need to apply for permanent residency separately.

Working in Germany for Indians

As Indians come under non-EU nation, they need to have a temporary work permit of six months validity in order to work in Germany. It is essential as an Indian to appear personally at the German consulate for an interview in order to get your jobseeker’s visa. It should be noted that a simultaneous application for a Schengen visa as well as a residence permit cannot be entertained.

Following are the documents you need to bring to the consulate:-

  • Two long-term visa application forms.
  • Three passport photos.
  • The visa fee has to be paid in Demand Draft.
  • Valid passport
  • Signed declaration on True and Complete Information.
  • Proof of academic qualification.
  • Proof of accommodation in Germany
  • Proof of funds to suffice during the entire stay

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