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Five things That You should Not Include in Your CV

Five things That You should Not Include in Your CV

Dec 31,2014

Do you want to find out the things that you should not include in your CV? Want to build a perfect CV? Well, read on to know what points you need to mention in your CV to land in your dream job.

Job searching is an adventurous process, where you will race against the odds to get the job you desire. In such circumstances, having a great CV plays a key role to win the race. CVs are important as they reflect the idea of a potential employee to the employer.Hence, many people adopt various ways to build a perfect document but while doing so they may include certain things that might land them in troubles. To help you, here we have listed out certain things that you must not include in your CV. 

Top five things that you should avoid in your CV
Increase your chances of grabbing an opportunity by avoiding the most common five mistakes in your CV.    

Unnecessary details
There is no need to name it as a resume instead you can save it with your name, which helps managers to easily distinguish. You must provide only the details that you feel required within the resume. 

Improper objective
Your objective must be practical, achievable and must match with your abilities and skill set. A good objective must be precise and specific and must talk about the particular profile that you are looking to apply for.    

Not applying for the right post
Applying for a designation that does not match your requirements is one of the biggest mistakes that you should not do. Although you might find certain job is interesting, if you don’t have minimum skills, qualifications and experience it is better advisable not to apply for that position

Inappropriate work experience & achievements
Besides having relevant work experience, if you are having some additional unrelated work experience, then it is better to mention it as brief as possible. In simple words, if you possess irrelevant work experience you must shorten it without mentioning it in detailed.  

When it comes to achievements, mentioning only the achievements that matches with the job profile is good instead of specifying each and every achievement of yours.          

Lengthy CVs
Although you have many skills and experience, your CV should be as short as possible, maximum two pages. If your CV is too lengthy, your recruiters will lose interest in your CV and discard it. Focus on what you want to convey through your CV. Highlight key points that are relevant and important to your application. Keep it brief yet convincing and compelling.

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