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December (holiday time) is the best time to search for Overseas Jobs

December (holiday time) is the best time to search for Overseas Jobs

Dec 14,2015

Every intelligent Overseas Job seeker knows how to prepare the resume and International cover letter, but only few people know about this surprising fact that the December is the best time of year to look for work.

Here are the two compelling reasons for why this is true,


1. Competition levels drop dramatically:


Mostly, job seekers have the perception that, holidays are a waste of time and have only marginal efforts to search for the appropriate positions. But their unfortunate mistake can turn into your right time to grab a result oriented opportunity.


 2. Recruiting Process takes off in the New Year:


December, January and February months are the strongest hiring period of the year for full time professional overseas employees. Where most of the organizations have their new projects in hand, so they look for an additional staff and the budget to carry out their company’s plan to reach their company’s objective. If you keep busy to utilize this golden opportunity, the chances of showing your skills and preference for you will be more. And you will be in the first line to be interviewed in early January.

To ensure making yourself for grabbing the special time of year to become an early employer, follow the three holiday practices, which will benefit you more in grabbing your dream opportunity in this season.


Practice the art of presenting yourself in a qualitative way:


Generally, holiday plans were filled with parties, gatherings and attending the community events. Well, these are the primary in your life to mix, mingle and share your stories as your sweet memories. However, you resist the temptation to take part in rehearsals for giving a speech in festivities unless you are attending a formal industry event, where such introductions would be commonplace and useful.

Informal or formal events, the common question you will hear is “what you do?”. Where you can try to prepare yourself in relying with a snappy one-liner that will sting your listener's interest. For example, a department store buyer used this playful response when asked about her career, “ I shop with other people’s money.”  This makes listeners very attentive and pique attention. Once the buyer had the attention of her audience, she can continue with a lengthier description of her skills, experience and job search goals.


Reconnecting with an old recruiters contact: 


Recruiter is busy people and they can easily forget candidates. So, you can also add your holiday greetings in the recruiter’s mail inbox, where you can present your work within the past, reconnect and update your research on them. So, your greetings will put at the top of their minds in a favorable light.

If you are very lucky, they may have, personal attention on you to have an ideal job cross desk just as your greetings appear in their  mail inbox.


Network in new and innovative ways by enhancing your circle :


Even though your visit and applying for the seasonal opportunities of interviews, you’re moving beyond will make the increase in your contact and environment circle. Pursue as many of these you can that will make you comfortable time to present yourself for building your networking activities. You will never know whom you might meet and where such opportunities may lead. Most of the overseas job seekers is to take advantage of the lucky break and that will bounds in December. Join the seasonal festivities, celebrate with your career goals in mind and anticipate that success may be only weeks away. You just have to find yourself ringing in 2015 with a brand new job. And that’s a pretty great way to start your new year….to a big thanks to the holiday spirit!


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