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Clean bowled …! Every time, are you hopeless…? Try with the updated resume and see what happens

Clean bowled …! Every time, are you hopeless…? Try with the updated resume and see what happens

Jul 23,2016

If you’ve been out of work for several months and not getting any interviews, or you’re going on interviews but not getting any offers, maybe it’s time to alter your approach to job hunting.


If you’re not getting any interviews, it’s time to reconsider your resume. First, scrutinize it to make sure it contains no spelling or grammar errors. Then have a friend or colleague check it. You cannot accomplish in this competitive market if your resume isn’t 100% accurate.


Most hiring managers aren’t pleased interviewing prospective job candidates, and they’re not good at representing them self’s with 100% resume.


Most important, though, emphasize the results you achieved in each position you held, instead of just listing job responsibilities. You become a much more compulsory candidate if instead of saying you managed a team.


Don’t blast your resume around like spam. Instead, conduct a concentrated job search, applying only for positions that you’re truly qualified for. Make a list of all the companies you’d maximum like to work for, and use your personal network and sites like LinkedIn to look for connections you have at each one.


If you are an overseas job seeker then you have to be active on social networking sites and update your profile every now and then.


Finally, when you don’t land a position, don’t be nervous to contact the interviewer and ask what you could have done better or why you didn’t get the job. You might get back some much-needed insight.


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