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By 2023, around 640,000 jobs would be filled in the STEM streams

By 2023, around 640,000 jobs would be filled in the STEM streams

Jan 19,2017

The quantity of jobs in the areas of science, technology, engineering, research & mathematics …or commonly known as ‘STEM’, will increase at twice the rate compared to other professions, providing an extra 142,000 new jobs in the United Kingdom spanning from 2017 and 2023.

In a report published by the Social Market Foundation & EDF, it is estimated by researchers that an aggregate of 640,000 STEM jobs would need to be filled throughout the next 6 years, with maximum of these jobs being new positions generated within emerging industries.

As the world today worries about threats to jobs, due to robotics & the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, this report is optimistic regarding the prospect of newer jobs being generated by sectors that include construction, retail, specialized construction and head office roles.

The sectors of financial services, public relations agencies and legal professions are also believed to require a growing workforce with skills in technology, engineering and research.

The report additionally indicated the persistent disparity between the number of female STEM professionals and male counterparts. Just 19% of STEM careers are presently filled by women, when 36% of women are science graduates compared to 46% of men! This is despite the fact that girls continue to outdo the boys at school in science subjects, averaging 74% A-C versus 69% A-C for boys.

Even though there is compelling demand for STEM professionals in the future, the authors of this report reckon that currently, there is a shortfall of an estimated 40,000 science graduates in the United Kingdom.

The chief economist at the Social Market Foundation, Nida Broughton, stated: “Investments in infrastructure and the pace of technological innovation means growth in science, research, engineering and technology careers will continue to outpace other occupations.

That’s a big opportunity for today’s girls and a challenge for the UK’s industrial strategy. It’s essential that we invest in the skills and training so that the UK can meet this demand – and encouraging more women to consider science will be critical to our success.

Few of these jobs that young professionals could be filling in the future involve: robotics engineers; geotechnical design engineers; intelligence consultants and data scientists.

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