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Best time to apply for a job in Dubai

Best time to apply for a job in Dubai

Dec 29,2015

For Overseas job seekers finding the right time to grab the golden opportunity in their dream job plays the major role


The Kipp Report (the Middle East’s first online-only business magazine) speaks to Mr. Sanjay Modi, the Managing Director of employment website Monster.com in India, the middle east, South-East Asia and Hong Kong that, for overseas job seekers knowing about the appropriate time period to hit the job in Dubai is very important.
 Mr. Modi shared his view that, Dubai is a hub for attracting the overseas talents and also the platform to improve more focus on their competition to grab the job opportunity. Well, the employee turnover is higher than in the other parts of the world.
He also shared that, even though the whole year is considered to be good for the overseas job seekers for the job search, there are few times where every job seeker have to focus on giving their best to grab the dream opportunity. 


Know the best time to boost up your skill.
Well, during the holy month of “Ramadan”, the hiring period gets slow, as working hours become shorter and people comprise the spiritual month with fasting, praying and charity activities said by Mr. Modi. Winter holiday time is also a slower period, as in the month of December and January mostly the senior executives travelling back to their home. So,  According to Monster’s Employment Index in Dubai 2015, the online job posting tracks give an indication on hiring activity for the month of January shows the lowest number of 10%. So. This is the right time to boost up your skills and make ready yourself to grab the opportunity.


Know the best time to hunt for the Overseas jobs.
Meanwhile, Mr. Modi explains that, according to the last year(2015) reports, the best-performing period  till date in the UAE have been mostly between July and August. Where it  exhibits the rapid growth in online recruitment or hiring the overseas employees, with 35 % in July and 36 % in August 2015.
Well the surprising fact on hiring part is,  during the hot summer months, many professionals travel but, according to Harry Tregoning, partner at Dubai (a Real estate company, Tregoning & Stockwell) the most popular time of year where families relocate to Dubai between July and August months, mainly because of the school year and terms.

Hold your horses
So, if you are waiting for another dream overseas opportunity, it may be the best time to stick to where you are for another few months,  until the job market demands for your professional skill again.


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