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Be a Self-Driven Enthusiast

Be a Self-Driven Enthusiast

Nov 10,2014

In today’s career oriented world, where there is cut-throat competition and an impending danger of losing one’s job in case of poor performance, you should always strive to motivate yourself. Let’s ponder upon this important question: Why is self motivation important at work?  This is for the very plain and simple reason that unless you have a desire to strive to achieve, success won’t follow suit. Apart from this, it is noteworthy to mention that unless you imbibe this quality of self-motivation, there is no one out there who would do it for you. People out there are always ready to bog you down.

How can I motivate myself to work hard?

According to an adage-‘’There is no substitute to hard work.’’ Self-motivation in workplace is very important to survive in this age of competition. Like earlier stated, it’s your work so expecting others to boost your morale is like living in fool’s paradise. Taking the onus to motivate yourself to work will give you lasting and quick results. Who knows, your self-motivation will land you in a promotion or inspire others to work hard!

Tips to motivate yourself to work

Whatever be the result, one should keep going on. Here are some handy tips on how to motivate yourself at work :-

Be in association of optimists : The company we keep and the friends we make speak a lot about us. We need to be in constant touch with people who have a positive outlook towards work and life. It’s always good to have peers who are themselves ready to work hard and influence others to put in their best too.

Breaking bigger tasks into smaller ones : If you are given an assignment or task which seems to be too overwhelming and impossible, remember that the key to deal with such a tricky situation lies in breaking your work into smaller, feasible ones.

Exercise your will power : Stay focused. Concentrate on the task at hand. This however does not mean that you get pushed around by people into doing more work than is warranted. Learn to say no in as polite but firm manner as possible.

Remember your ‘’reasons’’ : Always keep in mind the reasons why you got this job and not the other person beside you in the interview. This shows your competence. Remember that a job gives you financial independence and oodles of confidence.

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