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Basic Interview Questions for overseas job seekers from an international recruiter

Basic Interview Questions for overseas job seekers from an international recruiter

Apr 28,2016

Overseas job seekers facing an Interview from recruiter need to overcome some unique challenges. 

Finding the best talent across the world, employers, recruiters, and staffing companies have been enlarging hiring activities

Abroad job seekers who wish to make their career with best destination must know 3 basic Interview Questions


Reasons to relocate?

Relocation for a new job is a big cheese. It just not the candidate adapting workplace but also uprooting a life, getting away from family and friend and home country.
This query gets to the root of the candidates reason willing to move. Make sure not to provide any clues for the employers in the Skype interview.


How many languages can you speak?
Candidates fluent with the language of relocating place will have better changes to fit into the culture of new country and mingle. This may be the vital query to ask depending on the international employers.


Are you excited to have this opportunity?
The sort of international candidates who will make significant hires are those who see change and challenge as great opportunities. These are the candidates seeking for adventure and passionate of opportunity.
If the candidate appears like they’re hopeless for a job, any job, they may be wishing to consider moving just for the paycheck. Some day these people might drop out of the process at the last minute or move back home once the fascination wears off. 


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