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9 tips to crack any job interview

9 tips to crack any job interview

Aug 04,2016

How well you fare in the interview depends on how you present yourself.
Therefore, you must keep in mind some very prominent points before and while attending an interview. 
Even overseas job seekers can follow these rules to succeed in abroad jobs search.


Research the company beforehand

Before attending an interview, you must always do some scrutiny about your prospective employer and the job role for which you are being interviewed.


Arrive early at the venue

Being on time is something you should practice in everyday life as it will help you regularly. You must always arrive fifteen minutes early at the interview venue.
It helps you settle down and relax.


Be neatly groomed and dress formally

The first impression is the best impression. Men must always shave before attending an interview.
It gives the interviewer an idea of how serious you are about getting the job as well as your dressing sense. Opt for subtle and earthy colors as they are pleasing to the eye.
It is not essential for women to wear 'western' clothes. 


Be confident

When you are called inside the interview room, walk straight, with a little smile on your face. Greet the interviewer by giving a firm handshake.
Look into the eyes of the interviewer and react to questions asked, as it will appear to them that you are confident about yourself and your answers.


Go on with a composed body posture

Your body posture can speak volumes. 
Sit straight, leaning slightly forward.
Do not lean backward or bend too much forward.


Conclude the interview on a positive note

Thank the interviewer for his/her time.


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