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Indian Origin UK Minister Promises to Create Million Jobs


Ms Priti Patel is the most senior Indian origin minister who took over as the international development secretary earlier this week. She is the recently promoted minister in the UK government working in Prime Minister Theresa May’s Cabinet. Ms Patel took over the position with a promise to strengthen the international relations and creating millions of jobs in the developing world. She also promised to fight the issues of poverty, health and mass migration in her first statement published from the Department for International Development (DfID) office in Whitehall.34128259_Priti-Pat_3298723b

The 44 year old Guajarati descendant Conservative party MP has been widely recognized for her promising performance in the current government. She was earlier a part of the David Cameron government, but now her role and responsibilities are of great magnitude. Currently the unemployment rate of UK stands below 5% which is similar in other EU countries. The labor market is flexible and people who are not required to have a work permit can also find opportunities. The job market in UK varies in remuneration and employment rates. The prominent economical areas are in the southeast with the general unemployment higher in Wales, Northern Ireland, northern England and Scotland. Jobs in manufacturing and heavy industry are also not suitable options as there are not enough job opportunities.

To get a job in UK, proficiency of English is a must. Many developing countries have now mastered skills of native English speaking countries and will benefit from Ms Patel’s initiative. Places like Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand have government initiatives in place which places English learning as a priority. This has in turn created jobs for many Americans, Europeans, Australians and other native English speaking countries in such Asian regions. Qualifications are necessary to get a job in UK, but sometime experience in related industry puts educational credentials to the background.

The labor market is flexible and there are plenty or part time work opportunities in UK. Even people speaking poor English can find some sort of work, though they cannot expect high wages. Developing countries are now equipping themselves with proper English skills, qualifications and grooming to prepare the candidates for work overseas.




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