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How Easy is it to Get a Job in Hong Kong?


Hong Kong has already become a top destination for seeking work. The place has a great geographical location and provides infrastructure and technology leveraging growth of jobs. The international lifestyle combined with western and local culture makes it a beautiful place to live and work. But how easy is to get a job in Honk Kong?hong-kong

It may not be very easy

Though Hong Kong offers great jobs, it may not be easy to get one if you are a foreigner. Employers mainly look for locals with skills and only make exceptions in certain cases. Having a degree and qualification always matters and you have to know to know the right doors. Read on and you will know what exactly you need to do.

How can I get a job in Hong Kong?

Most companies recruit their employees before they relocate to Hong Kong. The other way is applying for a work permit and search for jobs after you land. This may get you low paying jobs, but it is always better to be prepared beforehand for a proper job. The best way is to look for work in multinational companies or those who have pan Asia presence. Hong Kong houses the corporate headquarters of many organizations in the pan Asian region and provides jobs in digital advertising, IT and the law.

Focus on skills in short supply

The high demand jobs in Hong Kong are mostly in areas where local resources do not satisfy the needs. The finance sector is a great place to seek employment in jobs like auditing, accounting, finance business partners, etc. Sales and marketing also offers many jobs to expats willing to move into Hong Kong. Jobs in digital advertisement, business development and managers are in high demand. Another industry Hong Kong lacks in resources is teaching. There is a strong will among the population to learn English for securing better jobs. For this reasons teachers, specially English instructors will find work in schools and language centers easily.

The next steps

It is better to secure a job before you come to Hong Kong. Start searching job portals and company websites and also don’t forget to check the social media.




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