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Diverse Career Options for MBAs from Monaco (France), exemplifying International Diversity!

MBA as a career optionThe International University of Monaco’s MBA class is just that – 100% international! Also,  40 percent of its alumni are working outside of their own native country.

One of the university’s members, Bulungisa Simayi, had relocated miles away from his own country, South Africa, in order to undertake an MBA course of 10 months at the IUM, or International University of Monaco. Just 2 months at IUM, he’s already associating with international firms and local employers.

The university’s ‘AMBA’ accredited MBA is 100 percent international. The sole South African within the intimate, twenty-student class of MBA, is Bulungisa. And he’s simply blown away by the distinctive MBA program, which ‘The Economist” ranks as one of the top 100 globally, and 9th in geographic diversity.

“What stands out for me are the discussions and emotional attachment to the different issues we debate about,” says he. “I can already see a difference in how I conduct myself. And my confidence is building up, preparing me for that more senior position.”

At universities like the IUM, diversity in class unfurls into diversity in careers. In 2016 alone, 77% of MBA students from IUM bagged new roles just within 3 months of graduation. Of them, 53% would go ahead and commence their own businesses. More than 40% of its alumni are working outside of their native nation.

Another student (who is Spanish), Hugo Sanchez, desires to land a career in wealth management post his MBA. He is well-placed already to do the same. There are more than 85 financial institutions that are concentrating on wealth management in Monaco. 
“Monaco is one of the most important financial centers for ultra-high net worth individuals in the world,” explains Hugo. “For someone who wants to pursue a career in private banking, it’s a very special place.”

“[And] the IUM career service helps students to achieve their personal goals,” continues Hugo. “I’ve already received a personalized email from the career service suggesting that I apply to a specific private banking position in Switzerland.”

For Hugo, the diverse MBA groups at IUM were the highlight. There are not more than 3 people of similar nationality in the present MBA class. For careers in a growing globalized planet, MBA students have to prepare themselves by working together within diverse groups. One gets the opportunity to network and associate with people you would normally not get to meet elsewhere!

An MBA student from Switzerland, Sibylle Tellenbach, agrees. With more than a decade’s experience in business development and finance, MBA was more than only business knowledge to her.

“[At IUM] both staff and faculty care to know my name,” says Sibylle. “I’ve met so many interesting people and made friends from all over the world.”

At IUM’s annual, 2-day event for careers this year, top 60 MBA employers headed to IUM’s campus which included Puma, UBC, Piaget, Nielsen and international consulting firm Frost & Sullivan.



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