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Different Work Visas You Can Get in USA


Many job aspirants look for a career working in the USA. The nation offers promising job opportunities in many fields but a valid visa is required for all cases. Some work categories are really sought after while others do not find much employment. The situation is a bit tricky and you need to know your way around the visa and work regulations to land up the perfect deal.


Work in USA under H1B Visas

The H1B Visas are one of the most sought after program by American companies to hire foreign workers. To be eligible, your application must be sponsored and forwarded by an American company. The visa is granted for three years but it can be extended beyond the period. There is tough competition for the visas and it is not easy to get one. This year a total of 65,000 foreign employees were chosen by a lottery system. The best way to find work is to get hired by a company that sponsors H1B visas. Sometime global businesses recruit people in another country and sponsor them on H1B to America. The jobs are all in special skilled areas of science, technology, engineering and math.

Work under Transfer Work Visas

Certain visas like L 1 (L 1A and L 1B) enable companies operating in US and other countries to transfer employees between the locations. The visas are granted for an initial three years which can be extended to five or seven years depending on the nature of the Visa. The L 1A visa is issued to managers and executives who have worked for at least a year in the offshore location. The L 1B is for specialized knowledge staff related with the company and its supervision.

Other Work Visas

Countries like Singapore and Chile have their own version of H1B1 visas for working in US. There are the TV visas enabling resident of Canada and Mexico to start their career in America. Australians can also use the E3 visa for entering US. E1 and E2 visas are for countries with which America maintains treaty of commerce and navigation. These visa categories also have a cap, but their applications do not even come close to the permissible limit.




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