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Common Queries about Teaching English in Hong Kong


There are close to 10,000 expatriate English teachers in Hong Kong. Finding a job is very easy for native speakers from places like USA, UK, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. Even unqualified teachers have been found to get employed in private organizations though the pay is often lower than average rates. But if you prepare yourself properly, there is no dearth of good paying English teaching jobs in Hong Kong. You can save anything from $ 15,000 to $ 18,000 annually depending on your expenses and lifestyle. Today, we are going to answer some of the basic questions related to teaching English in Hong Kong.


Do I need a degree?

You are required to have a graduate or a college degree to be able to work in Hong Kong. Some institutions require additional certificates like TEFL or CELTA so it is better to be equipped with one.

Can I Apply without any Experience?

Schools or language centers hire teachers without teaching experience but the pay if lower. The jobs may also be located in less urban areas where life may not be so exciting!

Can a Non-Native Speaker teach English?

Unfortunately, Asian countries have a belief that anyone with white skin is a better teacher of English. There may not be any truth in the concept, but most teachers are chosen from native countries of US, UK, Canada, Ireland, etc. Teachers from other countries are also chosen, but it is not very common.

Where can I find Work?

There are two basic type of institutions you can get work – schools and learning centers. Schools can be international, government, bilingual or private. Most of the jobs are offered by kindergartens while some positions are also available in universities.

Your work may also involve taking classes in learning centers or business English academies. The age range of students can be higher when it comes to adult education.

What kind of life can I expect?

Most of the full time employment involves 25-30 hours work week along with making lesson plans, connecting with parents, giving grades and assessing students and helping the underperforming ones. Typically the schools are open from Monday to Friday with the weekends off. You can have plenty of time to yourself and make new friends and enjoy the culture of Hong Kong.



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