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Canada V/S Australia – Which country is good for immigration?

Moving to Canada v/s moving to Australia

Considering Canada and Australia, if you are willing to relocate, which country is better?

Quality and standard of living is top notch in both the destinations, the immigration structure is points based in both the countries.

Take a look at some of the important parameters considered and compared between the two countries:

Job vacancies:

  • Natural resources and mining are the major paid jobs in both the countries for immigrants.
  • Some job opportunities are better in Canada comparatively, for example; nurses have good opportunities in Canada than that of Australia.
  • Manufacturing sector is more developed in Canada than Australia, but Australia is mostly known for its US IT industries and their main offices
  • Canada has the better pay for blue collar wages, where as in Australia white collar wages are paid more.  

Living expenses:

  • Expensive housing taxes are the reason for higher living expenses in Australia than in Canada.
  • Regular cost of living is also very high in Australia. Taxes are the main expenses were residents should bear in both the countries.

Diversified cultures:

  • Canada and Australia are widely populated with diverse communities; ethnicity is the factor where both the countries differ from each other.
  • Middle Eastern population in Canada, is dramatically increasing with Indian, Jamaican, Sri Lankan and Chinese citizenry.
  • Australia also has diversified population were Lebanese, Thai and Indonesian are the most dominant with short-scale central and South American communities.

Ease of application:

Considering the language barriers, the visa application process for Canada is simple and easy.

Hence both the countries depend on the points-based procedure, with selective skill sets. Unlike Australia, Canada has less sub-class and uncomplicated visa application evaluation.

 PR (Permanent residency):

 Eligibility factors for PR (permanent residency) in Canada and Australia for immigrants, depends on field of expertise, work experience, references and relations in the country.

  • The main difference is valuation in skills between the countries. Assessment of qualification and work experience for skilled immigrants is must for Australia before applying for visa, where as in Canada only qualifications are assessed.
  • Early assessment is always an advantage and formal acceptance in one state, might not be relevant for another province in Canada. But in Australia, assessment is required in all the states and territories the only advantage is if the migrant wishes to move to different states he/she does not require multiple acceptances.
  • Health services and education are freely available in both the nations. These countries operate on similar public health systems which are free. Any emergencies will be treated immediately and unimportant will be listed on a waiting list.
  • One can easily access New Zealand, if he already has access to Australia.
  • Vancouver, Ontario and Quebec are mostly attractive to immigrants with more demand among Indians.
  • Labor force participation rate has no differences. In Australia more migrant participation rate results in a higher employment rate. In Canada, it is vice versa- the increase in the migrant participation rate results in the increase in the unemployment rate.
  • Canada offers social security benefits immediately, but it takes two years to avail the benefits in Australia.
  • In Canada there are more of family related and community minded folks where as Australia is highly competitive than Canada.
  • Canada and Australia offer similar lifestyles and similar kind of people. Sometimes racist attacks in Australia do happen; generally Australia as well as Canada both are much laid back welcoming countries.
  • Opportunities for job seekers are almost similar in both the countries.
  • Food/housing is much more costlier in most of the major cities in Australia than in Canada,
  • Both Australia and Canada are capable of offering lot more in any aspect, but one has to consider the geographical location and choose their desired destination. 



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