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5 High Demand Careers in South Africa


The continent of South Africa is suitable for development due to its resources, oil and gas availability and cultivable lands. The political changes and economic recession has created an effect on the employment rates. But things are looking up as the marketing is opening up to new opportunities. The government of South Africa constructed a report of the high demand careers of the continent. South Africa has less qualified workforce, and many jobs are open to foreigners as well. The top careers in demand are as follows.


Physical Science and Engineering Technicians

There is lack of persons supporting engineers and scientists in South Africa. It creates very few engineers and even lesser number of engineering technicians. Even half of those who graduate do not work in the industry. A lot of opportunities are available in researching in environment, biomedical, safety, industrial and manufacturing engineering.

Chartered Accountants

The specialized career is in high demand due to the rise in corporate firms. They have to depend on Chartered Accountants for audits, filing taxes, making investment decisions, develop cost-effective ways and so on. There is a gap of around 20,000 accountants needed to fill the current gap in the industry.

Vocational Teachers

Vocational and further education teachers play an important role in developing skills of South African population. There are not enough training organizations to create such teachers though the demand is high. The government had sanctioned a sum of R 174 billion to create more Vocational teachers.


Almost every country suffers from a shortage of qualified physicians and the scene is no different in South Africa. Only 1200 doctors pass out each year from the continent which is half of the current requirement. There is urgent need of professionals to join the healthcare industry and serve the high number of ailing individuals.


The economy of South Africa is improving and vast growth is expected in telecommunications, banking, transportation, electrical system, etc. Careers offering skills suitable for business, construction, business, technology are increasing in demand day by day. Engineering jobs and planning is the highest paying job in category of building and construction.




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