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5 Easy Activities to Boost Your Spoken English for Working Abroad


English has become the international language of communication. It is the third most common spoken language and most workplaces use it for interaction. Candidates aspiring to work overseas mostly have solid qualifications. But they falter when it comes to speaking fluently even when they are comfortable with written English. Developing your English speaking skills is absolutely necessary when you want to work in places like USA, UK, Australia, and South Africa. The basic ways to brush your skills are reading, listening and speaking in English. Apart from that, the following activities will help you to boost your communication power.


Keep Speaking

Keep speaking in English even if it is incorrect. Many schools in developing countries force the children to communicate with everyone including their peers inside school. Practice makes perfect and hone your skills speaking with someone with good English skills. Do not be hesitant, as continuous practice will help you to master English sooner than you expect.

Experience Everything English

Books, movies, songs, news, talk shows – it does not matter as long as it is in English. It is a great way to pick up English speaking with correct accent and pronunciation. The more you experience, easier and quicker will be your learning.

Slow Down

 It is easy to stammer or unable to find words when you speak too quickly. Slow down, take time to think and construct your words before speaking them. You will get faster at the process and eventually correct speaking will be a spontaneous and unconscious activity.

Browse a Dictionary

Browse online or flip through the traditional dictionary whenever you come across a new word. You can benefit by learning a new word everyday and read materials which add more words to your vocabulary. You may need to encounter a new word several times before you get them in your head.

Free Tutorials and Mobile Apps

You can take a free or paid online course or tutorial to brush your English skills. There are even language teaching mobile apps available for download. They can be a quick and convenient way to get familiar with the language and master it.




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