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5 Common Mistakes in Your Resume


A resume is the first that the HR or the hiring manager notices. It has be perfect and without any mistakes. Making a bio-data may seem easy but it is very easy to make errors. Mistakes on your CV are really damaging and put you in the line of getting rejected. That is why you should be really careful while making your resume and avoid the following common errors at all cost.


Not being concise

Some people get carried away by making a CV that is pages long. In reality the HR has very little time to go through each resume. So you need to make it concise and highlight the important parts effectively. Do not be vague and accurately mention your role and the result it brought. Lengthy descriptions and jargon are really not acceptable in a bio-data.

Not stressing on important accomplishments

Mentioning job roles are important, but you should also stress on the accomplishments and their nature. For example, rather than writing “developed curriculum for school kids,” you should write “developed curriculum for school kids based on their individual learning capability.” It signifies your value to the organization and makes more chances of getting the job.

Being dishonest

We know how tough it is to land with a good job. Many candidates adopt unfair means of being dishonest about their roles and accomplishments. But it should be avoided at all means. Companies have their own ways of doing a background check and will eventually discover the lies. Tracking a candidate is super easy these days due to social media and internet. Be honest and try to focus on your genuine achievements.

Not using suitable keywords

Uploading your resume on an online job portal is a great way to get target jobs delivered to you. Employers use specific keywords to narrow their search and zero in on promising candidates. For example, rather than using a headline of “School Teacher,” you can use “High School Teacher” or “English language Teacher” in your CV.

Using inappropriate tone

The complete tone of the bio-data should be professional and informative. Cut out any jokes or sense of humor from the pages. Stick to only conveying what is important.




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