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4 Career Milestones You Think that Will Make You Happy

Have you ever set out a clear career plan with specific goals for yourself?

Chasing the wrong goals doesn’t even change the position that you are in your life. What to do then …?

These tactics or this kind of mindset would be pretty much useful to overseas job seeker the people planning to work abroad because the working atmosphere will be very competitive.

1. Get Promoted Early

Doing a mid- level or an entry level job in a company, what does it impact on your mind.

At first people in corporate jobs, get obsessed in getting promotion; it’s like a small stretch to go from initial step to the next rung on the ladder.

2. Getting That Fancy Office

Have you ever had office envy? What is it feeling like getting stuck in an inside windowless cell, while senior co-workers had lovely views and beautiful desks.

Most probably it would depend on your seniority and the position in the organization.

3. Making a Certain Amount of Money per Year

After escalating through the promotions most probably you will be around 30-35 years. Your earning must increase to a certain level by the time.

There will be a fixed amount that you will be earning even the lifestyle will be much trendier than it used to be before.

4. Getting a High-Level Title like Director or VP

Who doesn’t want a really heavy respectable title before or after your name… everybody wants it right.

After reaching to certain level of success people start to respect you, one of the cool things about getting more experienced and reorganization is the chance to increase your level of impact on the world. 




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