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Why Should You Work In Ireland?



Ireland is a developing country with booming economy and offers lot of opportunities for talented people. Here are few reasons to look for job opportunities in Ireland. Read on …

Employment Opportunities:- Anyone with considerable experience and educational qualification can find job here. Since most of the multinational companies in Europe run their operations from Ireland, one can find all kind of jobs starting from entry level to middle level and senior level.

Language:- This is the biggest advantage for people who want to work in Ireland. Unlike other European countries, Ireland doesn't have specific requirement to speak in Irish language. Anyone with fluent communication skills in English can fit in the job market.

Presence of Several Multi-National Organizations:- Ireland is a hub for many prestigious and largest companies in several industries like Pharma, IT, Travel industry etc. Companies like IBM, Apple and Microsoft are looking for qualified professionals to fill the vacancies across all levels. People with language skill in Dutch, Danish, German, Norwegian, Swedish & Finnish have added advantage for jobs in these countries.

Multi-Cultural Environment:- The number of foreigners living in Ireland is growing steadily and it is estimated that more than 10, 00,000 people are currently staying in Ireland.

Low Cost Of Living:- The cost of living in Ireland is low when compared with most European countries. As such, you can save lot of money instead of spending on your accommodation, rent and on other expenses.

Safety:- According to Global Peace Index for safest countries, Ireland ranks 11th among the safest countries to live and work.

Lifestyle:- Irrespective of from where you’re, it is essential to maintain a work life balance. From CEOs to lower rung employees, everyone need a 'me' time to rejuvenate and get back to work with more vigor. Employers of Ireland ensure that the employee doesn’t have hectic schedules and are content both in their personal life and in their professional life. In-addition, Ireland has the lowest tax rates which makes the employees save additional bucks.

Easily Accessible:- Ireland is accessible from all parts of Europe and the air ticket prices are in reasonable rates. It has airports across the county such as Belfast, Knock, Dublin, Cork and Shannon. In-addition, excellent public transport services are available in Ireland.

Education:- Education in Ireland is of international level and there are endless opportunities in furthering your qualifications and skills.

Climate :- Although Ireland is little rainy, it is home to beautiful sceneries. Starting from mountains, stunning lakes to rolling fields, you can find n number of tourist spots in Ireland.

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