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Why Should We Hire You for the Position? – Top Tips for a Great Answer

Why should we hire you for the position

If you are attending an interview, then you need to prepare yourself how to answer some of the most frequently asked interview questions to present yourself best. Out of such questions, why should we hire you is the most important question, which cannot be answered by most of the candidates. Employers will raise this question to know how best you fit for the current position. In simplistic terms, you need to highlight your skills and demonstrate that you will suit for the given position. Here, to help you how to answer this dreaded question, we are listing out few tips, which will help you to answer this question.

Top Tips to Answer Why Should We Hire You for the Position?

To answer this question, you need to analyze the job description. List out the requirements for the position you have applied for, including skills, abilities and personality traits. Then, list out the qualities you possess that matches with the job description. This is a great opportunity to highlight your impressive skills and abilities. In fact, your answer should be a concise ‘sales pitch’ that lets employers to know what you have to offer the employer.

Emphasize your Skills that Matches the Job Profile:

While answering these type of questions, do not directly state that you are the best qualified candidate. You do not have any knowledge on the other candidate’s skills and experience. Focus on your suitability and give some examples why your skills and accomplishments make you the best candidate for the job profile.

Evidence your Answer:

Give proper example and evidence while specifying your achievements. Providing tangible evidence to support your answer will help employers to verify your skill set. Claim that you are confident and diligent candidate with a history of success.

Highlight How You Differ from other Employers:

Every employer wants to know how you differ from competitors. Therefore, focus on few qualities that you think that might be unique or difficult to find in other employees. Hard work will be an excellent reason that will be considered by most employers.


Once you have listed out all the good points, it is better to practice how to express them. List these points in bullet form and practice them until you feel comfortable talking about them off the cuff.

Answering to this question is the best chance to wow them with your key skills and abilities. Follow these tips to answer this question in the best manner.


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